Call for papers

This workshop will bring together leading scientists, researchers and scholars from both academia and industry interested in image retrieval and analysis of diagrams, drawings, sketches and cross-modal retrieval. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to these listed below, as they are relevant for processing, representation, learning, analysis, and retrieval of diagram and similar images.

    • Shape representation, modeling, and analysis
    • (Diagram) image analysis and machine vision
    • (Diagram) image retrieval / matching
    • Topological graph representations for (diagram) image analysis and retrieval
    • Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) for diagram images
    • Metrics for measuring visual similarity – visual similarity measures for comparing never seen (diagram) images
    • OCR, document analysis and understanding
    • Shape-based image retrieval and analysis
    • Denoising of scanned document images
    • Image representation
    • Topological graph-based image and sub-image matching
    • Shape similarity and correspondence
    • Cross-modal retrieval
    • Any other topic of interest for diagram image representation and learning, and image visual similarity measurement, as well as cross-modal retrieval.

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit their work (4-8 pages, excluding references and appendices) using this CVPR 2020 Template (or HERE if it is not retrievable) to the DIRA workshop using this CMT portal .

The review process will be double blind.

The accepted papers to the DIRA workshop will be published in CVPR 2020 proceedings.


Please contact Liping Yang with any questions regarding DIRA workshop and challenge: lipingyang [at] unm [dot] edu.