Related workshops

Related previous workshops

To our knowledge, this is the first workshop focused primarily on scientific diagram image retrieval and analysis for computer vision and machine learning. The six related previous workshops are:

Unlike the workshop Linguistics Meets Image and Video Retrieval, we are primarily focused on visual similarity search and related representations, while language is treated as a special case where the representation is an image or drawing. In addition, we focus on scientific diagram images, instead of natural images (photos and videos).

 The Vision and Language workshop focused on the interaction between language and vision, where our workshop
emphasizes image visual similarity.

The image matching task in this workshop is closely relevant to workshop, but their targeted images are natural images.

This workshop also focuses on vision and language, where our workshop gives attention to visual similarity-based diagram image analysis.

Modeling and shape analysis of articulated and deformable objects in this workshop is related to our diagram image retrieval task. However, their workshop focus on 3D images and our workshop is on 2D scientific diagram images.

Sketches, the focus of this workshop, are closer to diagram images in our workshop, compared with natural images, but they are still quite different.